Twelfth Night- How should a man act?

For my blog post this week I chose the topic:

“In your own words, but in the character of Maria, give Sir Toby Belch a good talking to, telling him he has to change his ways (in a paragraph of contemporary prose)”

O Sir, how ever long will it take you to change? Your ways are peasantry, laughable and overall extremely unlike a man of high status. Do you think that drinking will solve your petty problems and turn you into a stronger person? What you need to do is confine yourself in a way where respect is present. Limit your drinks, don’t act foolish and most of all calm yourself. Take care and pride in the way you act and maybe your life will change for the better. Your continuous drinking will ruin you and the people who are closest to you will begin to stray from you. Your presence is not enjoyable, nor is it respectable. Please, oh dear Sir Toby Belch, change your life for the better and not for the worse. Your drunken company is not wanted, your laughable and foolish acts are looked down upon and your lack of respect for others is rude. Sir, change your ways. Change them now. I will not be here for you forever. Change now, or heaven help me, you will regret it forever.

Image retrieved from on May 7, 2017.

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3 Responses to Twelfth Night- How should a man act?

  1. Hi Tash,
    I loved this blog! I think the main reason I chose to peer review it, was because I composed something similar for King Lear. I like reflecting upon others work to see the different perspectives they have taken. I really enjoyed this entry, it was interesting and engaging. It was also thorough and creative in that it truly expressed the essence of this scene. I think the adaptation to a modern context helped with my personal understanding of the scene. You wrote beautifully, in that it was free flowing and coherent. The use of rhetorical questions was highly effective and allowed me to develop a great understanding of the scene.

    Good luck for the end of semester
    Gabby xx


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